Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

On the unpopularity of crossovers

My massively complicated Dollhouse/Firefly/Doctor Who/Big Bang Theory crossover story only got 31 hits on and not many looks anywhere else, although at least those who did read it seemed to really like it. Do you suppose it was just a little too complicated? Yeah, probably. There are some people who just don't read crossovers at all, on principle, and there can't be that many people who are fans of all four shows.

Still, I was proud of it. So just for the heck of it, I'm posting my favorite individual moments from each of the fandoms in the story, separately:

Big Bang Theory

The weird one posited a scenario in which Terminators might be sent back, posing as Terminator actors, to wipe out humanity. Summer experienced an almost overwhelming urge to walk up to them and demand, “Come with me if you want to live.” Or, at least, to let them know how well their voices carried.


“I don’t --” Topher stared at the readouts, but everything seemed normal now. “It’s like something else was there. Like there were two imprints, but one of them vanished just as I started the wipe. I haven’t seen anything like it since ...” He shot a horrified look at Sanchez, then checked to make sure Kilo really was wiped.

Neither had to say what multiple imprints reminded them of. Death. Insanity. Alpha.


“We’re obliged.” Mal took a breath. “But if you’ve got a way of taking that blue box somewhere else, I’d be grateful if you’d do it. I have a feeling you’re trouble, and we’ve got trouble enough.”

Doctor Who

His head turned, just enough for her to see the side of his face. “Oh, they’re the most entertaining monkeys. Great packages of greed and lust and pride and all the sins, but also smart and creative and full of spirit. What towers of contradictions they are! Plus, now and again, there’s a rose amongst all the thorns.”

And, a hidden fandom:

The Doctor sobered. “This is unique. River was already special, with a potential you can’t imagine. There was a time when someone like her was called every generation, to fight evil and save lives, but her kind has never been needed in this system. Whoever experimented on her triggered that talent, somehow.”

They were silent, digesting that, until suddenly he grinned again. “I traveled with one of them, once. Wonderful girl!”
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