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911 Caller Jailed for Reporting Fight That Never Happened

A Cromwell man was jailed after allegedly dialing 911 early Saturday to call in a fight that never happened.

Police recieved a 911 call at 1:53 a.m. reporting a fight at Jus Jeans, a Cromwell bar, according to the Noble County Sheriff's Department. The caller allegedly identified himself as Frank Brown, and enhanced 911 later led police to his residence on the west edge of Cromwell.

Brown reportedly called 911 again a few minutes later, saying four males were fighting in the bar's restroom and that a knife was involved. However, by that time a Sheriff's deputy who had been nearby was already on the scene, and found nothing going on.

Police then converged on Brown's Park Street residence. It turns out Brown had called 911 early that night, at 1:16 a.m., complaining that there was gambling going on at the bar and that the bartender was "cheating people". In fact, six 911 calls were allegedly made from Brown's residence before he was taken away in handcuffs.

Brown, who had been released just that morning after being arrested on a drug related charge, was taken to the Noble County Jail again -- this time charged with False Informing. He faced an initial hearing Monday afternoon.

Sheriff's Deputies, Ligonier Police, and the Noble County EMS all responded to the initial fight report, before it proved to be false.

by ANE writer Mark Hunter, who repeatedly said "D'uhhhhhh...." both while taking the 911 call and while writing the story later.

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