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Yup, I'm on Facebook -- Emily set the account up for me yesterday. I'm primarily going to use it as a tool in promoting my writing, which I hope to have good, promotable news about sometime this year. I suppose I should go ahead and post my columns there too, shouldn't I? That'll give me something to talk about in between novel submissions. I'm at:

At least that's where I'll be until I figure out why the little nickname changy thing won't come up!

I don't think I ever explained my passing comment awhile back that I was going to be grand marshal in a parade. Actually, I don't think anyone caught the comment, which was buried in one of my typical "I'm so busy!" whiny rants. :-)

Because of our town government's work on a huge courthouse square improvement project, the Town of Albion was named the Citizen of the Year by our Chamber of Commerce. The Noble County Courthouse is at the exact center of Albion, which is county seat and the exact center of Noble County; the project, 80% funded by a state grant, replaced everything from streets, sidewalks, curbs, and streetlights all the way down to water and sewer lines -- the thing was huge, and greatly beautified the downtown.

Anyway, as a result the town government was named Citizen of the Year, and yours truly, as a Council member, is part of town government. The upshot: I'm now one of several grand marshals in the parade, including both Council members and members of the courthouse square committee. We're going to ride at the front of the parade, get off at the reviewing stand, and then judge the parade entries! Our significant others are joining us, which is why Emily will be there judging horse entries while I'm judging fire truck entries. Wish us dry weather -- they're predicting the possibility of storms this afternoon.
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