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Writing submission: "Coming Attractions" to Avalon Books

Now that I'm back on the Business of Writing wagon, I'm going to post all my submissions and rejections here -- not so much for the encouragement (although that's fine!) as to help keep track myself.

So, on Friday, May 29, I mailed a query letter, synopsis, and the first three chapters of Coming Attractions to Avalon Books. Avalon often sells direct to libraries, and prefers its books without graphic sex or cursing -- that makes this novel a good match, since it's mostly a "sweet" romantic comedy. There were some suggestive scenes/language I had to change; naturally, I kept the original manuscript in case the next publisher prefers a spicier story.

Next I'm going to do a revision of Radio Red: My former agent requested numerous changes (most of which I went along with), and I need to decide which I want to keep, and which to change back. The publisher I have in mind for this book wants an electronic query, including a cover letter, the complete manuscript, and -- a business plan! That's a new one on me. I wish I'd taken some business courses and paid more attention to that aspect of the publishing world -- and I wish I already had a writer's website. But it's something I would have done anyway, so now's the time to get started.
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