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I have returned ....

*looks around* Everything seems the same ... I've been mostly offline for the better part of five days, and I'm afraid there's no way I'm going to be able to catch up on my flist -- did I miss anything?

We got the kid graduated (pictures to come later) and the Relay for Life -- um -- Relayed (pictures below), and I had time to send in a writing submission (more about that later). We even got a little yard work done. Now that I'm back, I'm off again -- we're going to be spending a day this week at Ball State University in Muncie, hoping to use Jillian's college discount to get her an affordable Mac laptop. Whether she got enough graduation gift money for this, I don't know yet ...

Next on the agenda is the fire department's fish and tenderloin fry fundraiser, which we do every year during Albion's Chain O' Lakes Festival -- if you're within a hundred miles of northeast Indiana, it's worth traveling for the great fish! Check your calendars for the afternoon of June 10. :-)

About five hundred people attended the Noble County Relay for Life, and despite a large drop in corporate sponsorship, preliminary estimates are that the money raised was higher than last year. The organizers did a great job!

Emily and I in our Relay t-shirts -- sleeves rolled up because it got warm in the afternoon. Please don't tell Charis that we should have listened to her about the sunblock!
Mark and Emily

It was a family affair -- the lady pushing the baby stroller is captain of the Town of Albion's team, which I walked for.

We didn't bring anything for Crazy Hat Lap, but luckily Beth Shellman, Albion's Town Manager, took to the track during that hour. She usually looks much more dignified.

It wasn't all walking; there were activities all day and night long, including movies, concerts, demonstrations, and ceremonies. Here the Relay organizers take part in a tug-of-war contest in the infield.

Participants take time off to watch a clogging demonstration.
clog dancing

Still, in the end it was all about raising funds to fight cancer. Emily emptied my pockets, contributing to an attempt to line the inside of the track with quarters -- $4,000 worth. Maybe that would have gone better if they'd been able to maintain a straight line!
Emily puts down quarters

The Luminary: bags with candles in them lined the track, each honoring a person lost to cancer. (photo by Emily)
Luminary display

At the end of the day was ... the end of the day. Emily and I couldn't stay all night, as we had to get some sleep before graduation Sunday. This was taken at around 2:30 a.m. Ahead of me, on the right side of the track, you can glimpse the visitor's bleachers, where "HOPE" was spelled out in glowing candle bags.
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