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Vinny came over this weekend and, after much effort, moved his race car, which has been parked by my garage ever since he and Charis moved in -- what -- over a year and a half ago? Long enough that the tires were low and it wouldn't start, but they managed to get it onto a trailer. It's at their new house now ... I think Vinny wanted it because he's one of those people who relaxes by working on mechanical things. Never have understood that.

The result was a rectangular patch of dead grass. Very dead. Then Charis called because their cell phone had disappeared, so Emily raked all the dead grass up, looking for it. This led to a patch of bare earth, matching the patch of dead earth that's been in my front yard for a few years now. Unlike me, Emily doesn't shirk from landscaping responsibilities, so we (mostly she) spent much time raking, hoeing, seeding and watering.

Meanwhile Vinny and a friend came back and placed painter's tape to cover trim along all the walls in the downstairs bedroom. Jillian is busy with graduation preparations and last minute schoolwork, and the room's just been sitting there since we finished scraping off all the wallpaper, spackling, sanding, and cleaning. It's to be her room through college, and I'm hoping to have it as an office again after that.

(Why did Vinny and his friend do the taping? I think Vinny still feels kinda beholden to us for letting them live there after he and Charis rather suddenly lost their home -- not to mention we've still got a garage and basement full of their stuff. He's also working on the old Nissan, so Jillian will have transportation this summer and Emily this winter.)

Meanwhile, I've dragged several boxes of writing related material up from the basement, and began researching markets again. I've got three completed novels and four short stories to shop around, and I might try to sell my idea for an emergency services related column again, too. I've developed a heightened sense of urgency in this job, because of the looming responsibility of having monthly car payments again.

*And* We're in training for the Relay for Life, which is a week from yesterday. Emily and I are signed up for two different time periods right now -- that's an hour solid of walking, each time, and we might go back that night. So we've been walking at least an hour most days, and sometimes more.

And graduation is the next day.

Basically what I'm saying is: I'm ready to pull my hair out (and there's not that much to spare). Being a sentimental person by nature anyway, I'm not at all sure how I'm going to hold it together between now, graduation, and the twins first birthday less than three weeks after that. We're taking a trip down to Ball State College the weekend after graduation, to look at their Macs in the student-priced computer store, and I'll probably get all emotional then, too!

I don't remember the last time I felt so overall exhausted. Plus, I have no idea when we're going to actually paint that bedroom.
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