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Lilac pics!

Two scents that remind me of spring more than anything else are lilacs and a freshly cut lawn ... luckily, I can get both of those in my own back yard! So Emily and I went out on a sunny, if cool, Sunday afternoon to get some photos. (It's warming up now -- finally.)

Three lilac bushes line the crest of the hill behind my house. The purple lilacs are nice and healthy (but need trimmed!) The white lilac isn't doing very well, but we're trimming the dead branches back and trying to keep it alive.

Between the purple lilacs is a small sheltered place where someone could lie on their back and look up into the blue skies and flowers above. Is that an eclipse? No, too Sunny for that. (Sorry, inside joke -- Emily's nickname is Sunny.)

A close-up, taken by Emily.

Portrait in the lilacs. I keep forgetting about the Progressive lenses ... I'm *so* cool.
Mark and Emi

"You'd never stray, Mark ... WOULD YOU?" No, dear.

Self portrait. Just kidding, Emily -- please put down the clippers. New MySpace photo, are is it doomed by the lack of eyes?
Just Mark
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