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Okay, this is likely to be all you'll hear from me for the next few days, so before I go, happy upcoming birthday to winsomeone and ayane_tsurugi!!!!! Hope you have days with warmth, sunshine, and no brush fires. On a related note, I'll update when I get back you on the smoky things I've been doing, and on how the show choir finals go.

On an unrelated note, just reprinting my latest update on the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life:

Noble County Relay For Life teams are planning upcoming events to raise money toward their organization’s fight against the scourge of cancer.

One will be coming up at the end of the month, when a team will feature a booth at Showcase Ligonier, a family oriented event taking place March 28 and 29 at the Ligonier Recreation Center in that city’s Kenney Park. They’re promoting the annual Relay, which will take place May 30-31 at the West Noble High School.

On April 18, another team will host a bake sale, silent auction, and kiddie games at the Wal-Mart parking lot, on the east side of Kendallville. That will be going on from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

On May 9th two events will be going on the same day but at different times, on the West side of Noble County:

A bake sale will be held in front of Mark’s Body Shop, along US 33 in Wolf Lake, from 8:30 a.m. until sold out.

At the American Legion, at 100 S Main St. in Ligonier, a broasted chicken dinner will begin at 5 p.m., and also go on until they’re sold out.

In addition to all of that, during the Relay itself Noble County’s version of “American Idol” will once again be held at the West Noble track/football field. Team individuals and groups can compete against each other in three rounds of competition:

Everyone will compete in an early afternoon competition; the top 8 will face off in an early evening show; and in the late evening, the top 3 will perform to determine the grand prize winner. The only other requirement is that each contestant must provide their own props and music – the performance will go on, rain or shine.

Further details on the 2009 Idol competition will be distributed to team captains at their April 23 meeting, and the deadline for entries will be May 13, during the organization’s Bank Night at the Community State Bank in Albion. Entries can be sent to:

Steve Kirkpatrick
2179 N SR 9
Albion IN 46701

Or by e-mail at

There are 36 Relay teams as of March 12, and the organization continues to accept new groups. The Relay For Life website, which contains contact information, can be found at
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