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birthdays and award nomination -- again!

Happy birthday this weekend to eternal_shalott, scythia_helicon, wheelinventer!!!!!

And, since it's apparently become tradition to have a group of birthdays and an award nomination at the same time, "She Would be Thirteen" has been nominated again -- this time for "The Scoobie snack Award - Best Ficlet (under 1,000 words)". It's at the UX (Ultimate Xander) Awards:

This is very cool, and caused me to do a Snoopy dance. It comes very close to making up for the way the float valve in my toilet broke off in my hand while I was trying to adjust it just before leaving for work tonight, leading to a mad dash to find and shut off the water supply valve. Hm ... column material? No bad news should go unused ...
Tags: award, birhdays, nomination

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