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Emily update

strangexgirl still doesn't have any electricity. They did get their water back, although they're under a boil advisory, and they got ahold of a camp stove so they can have some hot food and drink. The temperature's warmed up enough down there that most of the ice has melted off, and the utility crews are making some progress. The power company actually called their house today to ask if their power was on -- a sign that they're getting closer.

Now for the newest twist: Emily was very sick all day yesterday. It sounds like a bad case of the stomach flu, similar to what my daughter and her family went through a month or so ago, although under the circumstances we couldn't rule out something involving food or water. I'll leave out the details, except to say she was getting dehydrated from not being able to keep anything down.

However, as of last time I talked to her she'd been drinking some Gatorade and, while still queasy, has been able to keep some of it and some crackers down. I think she's on the road to recovery, but let's all keep her in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully she'll both be feeling better and have power, and be able to make contact with the rest of the world again soon.
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