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many happy returns! Your birthday gift: Grandkid pics. ;-)

Happy birthday this week to sunshine_tears, theanism, cheskagolucky, and musicaldiscord!!!!! Clearly a great couple of days for LiveJournal friends. Sorry I didn't catch the exact day for most of you, but I was outside shoveling snow when I should have been having cake and ice cream in your honor. Hope your day was more fun than that!

On another happy note, I've been getting request for twins pictures:


Charis took these pictures -- this is my favorite of the ones she took recently, because it shows how they interact. However, Hunter sometimes likes to interact by pulling Brayden's hair, which is probably why Brayden looks a bit worried:

It's a good thing she babyproofed the house -- they're getting around!

Tags: birhdays, brayden, hunter
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