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Hello from Hell

Actually, it's not so bad here in northern Indiana -- especially not when you consider it relative to about a third of the rest of the country. We had maybe 5 inches of snow, and it's not even drifting yet. The temperature's about 18 degrees, which is sadly warmer than what we've been used to recently. Some places just south of Fort Wayne are reporting close to a foot of new snow (on top of the old).

However, about 800,000 people are without electricity after the storm cut a crescent shaped swath from Texas all the way up to Maine in the northeast. 20 storm-related deaths have been reported, and a lot of people are suffering; some won't see power back for a week.

On a personal note, Emily's at her mom's home in southeast Missouri, and they've already been without power for about a day. They have heat, but their stove is electric and so is their water heater. Worse, there's no water anyway -- their community's water department has no backup generator, and the entire city has already been drained. They've been told not to expect electricity back for at least another day, and once it's on it'll take 8 hours or so to refill the water tanks; and then they'll be under a boil water advisory.

Not to mention they can't use the internet or power computers, and I don't know how long her cell phone will hold up. So, it would be appreciated if some good thoughts and prayers could be sent her way, as well as to everyone who's going through this.

Anyone tired of winter? *raises hand*
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