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Writing news -- okay, fanfic writing news, but still:

I was awarded Runner Up for best GenFic in the Rogue-poet awards (, for my story "Profit and Loss"!

Later the same day, I was notified that my "Four Friends" stories have been nominated in the "Joined at the Hip Award (Best Gen)" category at the Forbidden Awards! ( *does Snoopy Dance, badly* There are still lots of great fanfic writers hard at work out there -- go over to the sites and check them out!

Emily and I are still kicking back and enjoying her vacation. My first priority after she goes back to school will be to get my office fixed up and reorganized -- quite a chore, considering how much I've let it go the last few years -- and then I'll be back in the original fiction business. I am going to finish up a couple of Buffy fanfics that I've been working on as time allows, though.

Meanwhile, I have a very odd idea for a crossover fanfiction that I might be able to convert into an original fiction. A very odd idea. I'm going to mull it over a bit, and if I decide it's workable I'll likely work on either that story, or my zombie novel idea, for NaNoWriMo this year. It's a complicated enough idea that it'll take me that long to prepare!
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