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What is this ... Thursday? Oh, yeah -- Merry Christmas, everybody! My flist went a little wonky as I tried to read through it, so I'll put out a blanket Happy Holidays to make up for whatever holiday posts I didn't catch. Thanks to everyone who sent me a card, especially from places that are, to me, exotic (like the Isle of Man!) I'm at work and don't have the cards with me, so to avoid missing someone I'll just say thanks so much to everyone. A special shout-out to jaded_jamie, who over the last couple of years has airmailed us the Gift of Who/Torchwood Fandom. He's not the only flister who's connected with me via snail mail -- Nobody will ever tell me internet friends can't be real friends.

When I get off work this morning Emily and I are heading to Charis and Vinny's home, where Jillian spent the night -- so I'll spend the early morning having Christmas with my girlfriend, daughters, and grandsons. Then we'll all head over to have a brunch with my mother and the whole family there, after which Emily and I will go home, exchange our own presents, and then probably fall asleep on the couch. I've still got to work tonight!

The weather has screwed up the Christmas schedule a bit, but other than having to change a headlight bulb (in the falling sleet) there haven't been any serious weather related problems. The truth is, my area has had it pretty good. Horrible as the weather seems, it's been a lot worse just to the south, where the Fort Wayne area got clobbered by ice, and in other areas nearby where they were buried in snow. I shouldn't talk too loudly, though -- the weather people are talking about more ice tonight, followed by possible flooding. Must be Indiana. *points down to picture*

Meanwhile, I got an idea just this morning for a great Christmas-themed Four Friends story. Doggone it! Maybe, by the time I get a chance to write it, it'll be *next* Christmas! Or maybe I can turn it into a Valentine story.

We continue to be extra busy, but we're holding our own. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends and their relatives who are having vehicle, job, and especially health problems -- I hope 2010 goes better for all of us.

Two days after the ice storm, in Kendallville:

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