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Happy birthday to my favorite flister!

A very happy birthday to strangexgirl, otherwise known as Emily, otherwise known as my girlfriend! *does Snoopy dance* She's at home right now listening to the wind howl and ice fall on the roof, and I'm stuck at work, but we'll have a nice dinner this evening -- maybe Chinese food, if the doors aren't all frozen shut at that point. Then she gets her gift, which is all wrapped up and waiting on my desk at the moment. Um, in my office at the house, where she is. *gulp* :-)

Charis made her a wonderful chocolate cake, which we picked up Thursday and have already sampled (complete with ice cream, natch) Add that Mountain Dew you see alongside and you've got the perfect treat:

Rather belatedly, I got some candles going on -- observe the Pac Man burning cake with Emily's name on it. I kind of liked the lighting effect, even though it probably means I need to clean off the lens:

And of course, Emily had to blow out the candles. The bucket is not a comment on our food -- I've been fighting a roof leak that sometimes comes down on the kitchen table:

Then, last night, we had steak and potatoes! Yummy -- Emily made the steak, and I baked the potatoes -- I always try to take the easier jobs in the kitchen.

Can't give you any pictures of her present, 'cause hey -- she might be lurking, hoping I'll announce it. I love you, Emi! *bounced up and down like a crazed Tom Cruise* How did a broken-down old wanna-be fiction writer like me get so lucky?
Tags: birhdays, emily
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