Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

award nomination, Buffy music, and drabble: "Lost and Found"

Haven't had a chance to write much of anything the last momth or so, except for the one short story I'm working on. However, I do have a bit of writing related news. My story "Profit and Loss" got nominated over at the Rogue Poet Awards ( for Best General Fic (non-Spuffy). The story itself is here:

On a totally unrelated note, parts of the Buffy score were used as background music in a Star Trek featurette. I can't imagine why, when there's so much good Star Trek movie from the various series' and movies, but you might want to check it out:

Finally, although I haven't written any fanfiction for far too long, I stumbled across this story that I call a triple-drabble (300 words), written many weeks ago but for some reason never posted. Inspired by my daughter (although she'd rather I not say so), it's one of my "Four Friends" stories. For those who aren't familiar, they're post-"Chosen" BtVS stories featuring the kind-of-resurrected Tara, a reassembled Buffybot, Dana (the insane slayer from an episode of "Angel"), and an OC slayer named Kara:

Lost and Found

Dana backed against the wall, eyes wide, as her roommate dashed around their quarters in a panic.

“It’s got to be here!” Kara wailed, throwing her mattress aside. “Please tell me I didn’t lose it on patrol!”

“Retrace your steps,” Tara suggested from the doorway. It was easy to tell who occupied each side of the room: Dana’s half was neat to a fault, bed made and her few belongings stowed carefully on her bookshelf, or hidden in her dresser.

Kara’s half – even before – was littered with CD’s, magazines, and various articles of clothing, while her sheets and blankets now lay crumpled in a corner.

Beside Tara, Buffybot’s head slowly moved back and forth. “I’m scanning in infrared and ultraviolet, but there’s no sign of it.”

“Dad’s going to kill me!” Giving up, Kara stood in the midst of the wreckage, clutching at her own hair. “It was a gift.”

Suddenly Bottie strode forward with a shout of triumph, and reached into the lampshade on Kara’s headboard. She drew out a narrow shaft of cherry wood, carefully sharpened, with Kara’s name and a small heart inscribed on it. “There! It was so close to the light, I had trouble seeing it.”

“Oh, thank you!” Kara clutched it to her, and then ran for her jacket.

“But –“ Bottie shook her head. “How did it end up there?”

Good question. Tara glanced around, and her gaze met Dana’s. The youngest slayer had a look of recognition on her face, and a blush. “Maybe someone put it there during a bad dream?” Dana suggested in a small voice.

Taking Dana’s hand, Tara led her toward the door. “Sometimes it’s best not to ask questions, is it? Just be happy Kara’s got her favorite stake back.”

Kara nodded happily. “Let’s go kill things!”
Tags: award, buffy, fic, four friends

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