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Time for: TwinSpam!

Just 'cause I needed something fun. Warning: the first two were taken by cell phone, because my crappy cheap Wal-Mart camera is crappy, and cheap, and sometimes doesn't like to work.

Hunter and Brayden look at their new toy:
twins and toy

Hunter can now roll over and lift his head up!
Hunter heads up

Aunt Jilly and Hunter
Jillian and Hunter

I'm proud of this one. I call it "twins in stroller". Hey, I never said I was good at titles.
twins in Stroller

Oh, and one last one. After I got back from a fire a couple of weeks ago Emily wanted a pic of me in my turnout gear, so I took one myself and then she punched it up a bit. What do you think?
mark in gear
Tags: brayden, firefighting, hunter, jillian, twins

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