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because we're not hearing this much in the news

Look, I consider myself a centrist, and although I didn't support McCain in the primaries, I'm voting for him because I feel he's much more moderate than Obama. I'm not madly in love with either candidate, but as most of my LJ friends are Obamaites, I've bitten my tongue a whole lot more than you might imagine. But my liberal friends haven't hesitated to comment, and some of their comments have been, frankly, angry and hateful, rather than focused on any issue. Surely they won't mind a look from the other side? I keep finding this stuff that just doesn't seem to be showing up in the mainstream media, so I decided to gather some links to some ideas that most people aren't hearing. These are hardly balanced, but as far as I can tell they're legitimate concerns, as opposed to that much more blind "Obama's a Muslim" baseless rantings, so they're worth thinking about.

Just the same, I'm again disabling comments. Why? Because what's the point? Let's be honest, everyone who's seriously paying attention has already decided who they're going to vote for, and a big long discussion isn't going to change anyone's minds. Look at these or don't; send them on yourself or don't. If you've already determined to support Obama, who pretty much has this election wrapped up, I'd suggest just passing on by.

I don't really care that much about what church Obama attended as a kid, or that he did drugs as a teenager, or anything else that happened that long ago. I was a far-left liberal Baptist when I was a kid, and I'm none of those now:

But stealing from the rich is good, isn't it?

Eeyore's my favorite character ...

Guilt by association is a tradition. Traditions are good, like Thanksgiving.

It certainly *is* distracting. But also kinda important.

Obama -- no other candidate, just Obama -- has already found himself in public school textbooks:

Past Obama associations?

The question of Women registering for the draft:

attempts to shut down free speech?

Did Obama write his own books? It wouldn't be unusual; many celebrities do:

Are McCain supporters getting mean and threatening? Here's video of a pro-McCain march in Manhatten:

and some other examples:

It's important to involve young people in politics:
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