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Recovering From New Year's Festivities

Sorry, it took me this long to get around to saying Happy New Year to everyone. My youngest daughter's birthday is Dec 27, so between holidays and birthday celebrations -- not to mention her being out of school -- it's been really hectic. As usual.

I was at work New Year's Eve, and at 2 minutes 'til midnight 911 started ringing off the hook when some drugged up idiot in Kendallville went nuts and started stabbing people with a knife. Must have thought the party was too dull. Needless to say, all of us -- dispatchers, medics, cops, everyone -- missed the ball dropping. We airlifted two, transported a third by ambulance, and tracked down the bad guy where he was hiding in some nearby bushes.
To top it all off, while the Kendallville Fire Dept was setting up a helicopter landing zone, a fire broke out on the other side of their town, so we had to start dispatching mutual aid fire departments for fill-in. I gotta tell you, I wasn't in a very festive mood by the time that shift was over.

But what the hey -- we'll just have to hope it can only get better from here.

My resolutions from 2006? Just one: get published. I know better than to make promises regarding health related matters or general organization. I guess I could resolve to stop smoking, but that would be a cheat, considering I never have.
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