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Buffy Between the Lines

Buffy Between the Lines radio drama season 2 has begun. (Hm -- Tabz, I need a new userpic!)

Buffy, wanted for Kendra's murder, has left town ... Spike is also fleeing, along with the none-too-please Drusilla ... back in Sunnydale, the gang is trying to pull things together ... while in L.A., a certain evil law firm isn't pleased about Angel being consigned to Hell. BBtL speculates about what might have happened between then and the beginning of the next season.

Tabitha Grace Smith has assembled a multi-national crew to bring you fun and thought provoking action that also might tie up a few strings left loose in the series. The voice cast is excellent, and you'll swear it's the original actors playing Spike, Drusilla and Xander, among others.

There's also a minor character at the beginning named Mark Ozma.(!) Tabz -- you made me a lawyer?!
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