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vacation, birthdays and Doctor Horrible

I've got three weeks of vacation coming up (yay!) during which I won't be around the internet all that much (boo!). It doesn't start until this weekend, but I'm so backed up with stuff I have to get done that you probably won't be hearing much from me until toward the end of August. I still have to get my columns in, of course -- no vacation from the newspaper -- so I won't disappear entirely. However, for the first time since last year's vacation, I won't be able to keep up on my flist, so I hope you'll all be prepared to let me know what I missed!

I'm going to Missouri for a week or so, then bringing Emily back up here for a couple of weeks more until she has to go back to college; she's staying down in Missouri for school because she's got a free ride to the local community college, and it would be crazy to pass up a chance at an associate's degree that doesn't including running up a lot of student loan bills. We don't *like* it, but she has to look out for her future, after all. That's why I won't be online more than necessary -- I want to spend every moment I can with her.

After that, I'll have to make some hard decisions about the way I spend my time. With two jobs, the volunteer fire department, and two new grandbabies, I haven't gotten any writing done to speak of. It's amazingly difficult to become a novelist when you aren't writing novels.

As always, Joss' newest effort was well made, technically excellent, and loads of fun. The actors did a sterling job and the songs were great. I'd recommend Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog to anyone.

But the ending sucked.

It didn't fit in with the spirit of the rest of the show at all. Yes, Dr. Horrible had a point to make, yes it was about real people with real emotions, but it was also an upbeat experience that could and should have had a happy ending.

Dammit Joss, sometimes couples DO end up happy together. All your relationships don't have to end in tragedy. I don't know what horrible thing happened in your past, but even if the guy didn't get the girl, there was no reason for the story to end with such a sense of hopelessness. Give us a happy ending every now and then, will ya?

Meanwhile, happy birthday to redwolf! And since I won't be around, happy early birthday to zessa, fangfaceandrea, zenofthesword, dragonsong, and lilachigh. Also to darthsindel1981 and bipolarcat, in case I'm still backed up that far into August.

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