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Emi and awards

Good news! I've been gone a few days, and I just went over to check the voting for the newest still_grrr prompt, where my story "House Call" is up for voting. I'm in third place -- and that by just barely! So all that rather foolish angst about actually winning too many awards was a moo point. You know -- like Joey said on "Friends", a moo point the opinion of a cow: Nobody cares. :-)

You have to be a member to vote, but I believe anyone can actually read the stories, which are all here:

Check out the talent!
Still, I'm just contrary enough to hope I do get third, even though that flies in the face of what I said earlier. There's a lot of great writing (and art) over at still_grrr, and getting a banner for each week in May would allow for much bragging rights and ego building. I didn't stop to think that there are *five* Thursdays in May, so I'm working on the story for this month's last prompt right now; it's something of a sequel to "House Call". jaded_jamie, I think you'll especially like both stories.

Meanwhile, Emily is back in Missouri for her summer job, so if anybody happens to see her down there give her hugs for me. She says she's missing mine, so she needs a substitution ... :-)
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