Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Writer's Block: Lame jobs

What's the worst job you've ever had?

Back in the recession of the early 80's I worked on a worm farm: Feeding and harvesting bee moths to be used by fishermen, for $2 an hour. The operation was in a woman's basement, with no windows and suffocatingly hot during the entire fishing season.

Despite that, it's NOT the worst job I ever had. I worked in a factory for a few months, a dingy, dirty place where they made wire, where everyone hated everybody else along with any new guy. I've never seen a worse group of attitudes, including from the inmates when I worked in the jail. I got fired from that place after three months or so, although it seemed an eternity, because absolutely no one would help new employees on learning the job -- including the supervisors. Basically, you either had quick learning skills and natural mechanical ability, or you got canned. I had neither.

At least at the worm farm I usually worked alone! But to this day I can't stand the smell of that weird mix of brown sugar and who knows what else that she fed those worms.
Tags: jobs, writer's block

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