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vanished for three days ...

But I'm back now, more or less, although several days behind on my flist. Jillian made her solo singing debut at her school musical program's "Spectacular"; she did just fine, although you could almost feel the waves of fear coming off her. Hope to get a pic or video up soon, if they come out.

I'm watching her show choir group again tonight; they're singing at a Fort Wayne Wizard's baseball game, and since the tickets are part of a fund raiser for the show choir, we're all going. It'll be the first time I've attended a baseball game since seeing the Detroit Tigers play when I was about fifteen. Not really a sports fan, here.

Meanwhile, I introduced Emily to her very first ever drive-in movie experience Saturday night! The second movie, "Drillbit Taylor", was better than I thought it would be, and fun enough if you're willing to shut down a few brain cells along the way. It's best whenever Owen Wilson is *not* on the screen.

"Iron Man" fully lived up to its summer popcorn movie expectations. The effects were seamless, and spectacular even by today's standards; the script actually made sense, the dialogue was great, and I've become a Robert Downey Jr fan again. By halfway through the movie, I was telling Emily that I couldn't wait for the sequel!

For those of you who are comic book fans: Watch all the way through, to the end of the credits, for an extra scene put in there just for you.

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