Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

the stolen photo

Having had some time to calm down and think a bit, I elected to create my own Wikimedia account and edit my stolen picture to include this:

This photo was originally taken by Mark Hunter, a resident of Albion and a photographer/writer for the local newspaper, Albion New Era. It's original internet posting can be seen here:¤t=Albion-indiana-courthouse.jpg I would like to request the photo either be credited to him, or removed with an apology.

Maybe it's taking the high road, or maybe it's fear that he might end up having a black belt in karate; but I felt starting out in a calm and reasonable manner would be the way to go. I have pfeifferpack to thank for giving me this idea; here I was all full of loud, extreme and/or violent notions, and until she did it herself it never occurred to me to simply add an edit to the page, and see what happens! Surely there's no point in going all medieval on his ass over one photo. Yet.
Tags: courthouse square, photography
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