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kazzy_cee solved my user pic dilemma, by posting a new group of icons including some celebrating Spring. Yay, Spring! And yay her, for the excellent timing. I now officially have a new default pic that's much more pleasant than the old one.

It got up into the 60's yesterday, for the first time this year, which makes me do a Snoopy dance (badly). I was supposed to go with a group of town officials and contractors to the roof of Albion's old town hall yesterday. They're investigating the best way to repair a leaky roof, while I was jumping at a chance to get a look at the old bell that's mounted up there. I suspect it's the same one the fire department bought way back in 1888, to alert the volunteers when the AFD was founded, so I was hoping to find some writing on it.

Sadly, the rain came in, so I got a *ahem* rain check. Also sadly, *my* roof is now leaking -- but then, I'm getting used to that, and had the buckets at ready.

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