September 22nd, 2021

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book cover humor

I Think I Seed a Fruit Tree

 So, remember those two trees that were growing up in the middle of my lilac bushes? I'd pretty much decided to cut them down and try to save the ancient lilacs, but for one last opinion I did some research to determine just what kind of trees they are.

One's a cherry tree. The other is some kind of apple tree, possibly crabapple. I have fruit trees!

The seeds were possibly deposited by birds, as birds will do--we have a lot of birds, what with the bigger trees around our house. There were two cherry trees on the property, but they died out a long time ago--I suppose it's possible they dug up a seed when my sewer line was replaced five or six years back, but that seems like a stretch.

It's hard to tell how long they've been hiding there, growing in the lilacs--I'm not much of a landscaper, and should have been trimming those lilac bushes every year. Now I'm of mixed feelings again, and I've decided to wait until spring to decide which I should keep--I doubt they'll all grow happily together.

The fact that my vacation is over, the chainsaw blade needs sharpened, the weather has turned crappy, and I have no more desire to be outside anyway has nothing to do with it."Mark R Hunter"