September 9th, 2020

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  • Wed, 00:56: Our printer at work kept flashing that it had the wrong toner cartridge. My shift partner tried EVERYTHING. So I took the cartridge out, put the same one right back in, and hit the power button. Fixed.
  • Wed, 10:08: Yesterday I walked into a store and saw an aisle of Halloween products, two months before the holiday. So I tried to contact their corporate office, but it turns out they still have the restraining order on me from last year, when I saw their early October Christmas display.
Smoky Days and Sleepless Nights

Smoke Showing: Can you picture it?

 First draft of the Albion Fire Department photo book is done!

Now, on to the second draft.

My "final" count is 1,200 photos, but I'm figuring the final product will have no more than 750 at most. A lot of this next paring down will be up to Emily:  Pictures that are not of good enough quality, or which don't quite work after being converted to black and white, and so on.

Meanwhile, when I started this project I said it would be easy for me, because I didn't have to do a lot of actual writing--it was mostly all pictures. Well, by the time I finished all the captions, plus introductions, chapter openings, and such, the manuscript weighed in at 29,500 words.

That's over half as long as my first published novel. And now I've got to go in and polish that.


Ah, well. Say, would you like to know the working title we settled on?

Smoke Showing: A Fully Involved Photo History of the Albion Volunteer Fire Department.

A little long, but ... what do you think?