March 10th, 2020

book cover humor

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book cover humor

Emily's magic: New Book Cover!

Okay, so I already revealed the cover to More Slightly Off the Mark once, but this time we really, really mean it. We thought the original was a little imbalanced, so Emily added a newspaper nameplate, or banner, or ... whatever it's called. That brought us to this:

(Do I yell "ta da!" now?)

Which, yes, is similar to the original Slightly Off the Mark, but it is a sequel, after all. Hopefully it's not too similar. Let's compare:

Yeah, it's different enough. And here's the new book's back cover:

So, there you go. I've shown you my front side, and I've shown you my backside. Judge me as you will, or get a closer look here:

Just between us (until the next post), it's up for sale on Amazon, and we'll have it on the website to order soon. If you just can't wait and/or want a signed copy, contact Emily or me and we'll get you taken care of. Come to think of it--how many copies should we order?