December 1st, 2019

Dark and Stormy Night

A Writer's Search History Can Be Puzzling

I spent some time on the internet last month researching the parts of a saddle and bridle, types of horses, trailer hitches, dog behavior, cowboy hats, head injuries, patient assessment, and the topography of Brown County, Indiana. All for one story.

Later I spent more time researching the horse racing industry, handguns, mushrooms, John Wayne, skin glue, and Japanese names.

Yeah, I'm back in that fiction writing game. At least until I get done with the first draft of We Love Trouble, and go back to researching for nonfiction.

I love this job.

Ah--so that's a horse. Thanks, Pokagon Saddle Barn!"Mark R Hunter"

(Remember, every book that doesn't sell by January 1st has to go to the Island of Mistfit Books.)