November 29th, 2019

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Slightly Off The Mark

Come for Christmas, see the new book

Due to some required corrections and updates, we won't have copies of More Slightly Off the Mark: Why I Hate Cats, and Other Lies available at our author appearance on December 6. However, we will have a proof copy you can look at, and a pre-order sheet for anyone who wants their copy in a few weeks. (It goes without saying we'll have our other books, at a reduced price.)

Wow, it's in just a week! All the information on the event is here:

There's a lot going on that Friday night, but I hope everyone takes time to stop in at the church and visit all the vendors. I was told the Bazaar would start at 5 after a setup period, but I'm seeing it advertised as starting at 4 ... so we're going to try to get there right at 4, to get ready and split the difference. Either way, there'll be lots to see.

The new cover will look a little like this, because: sequel. Well, kind of a prequel. I'll explain later. Meanwhile, the e-book price of the original is dropping to 99 cents.

And if you can't make it, find our books at:"Mark R Hunter"

(Remember, every book that doesn't sell by January 1st has to go to the Island of Mistfit Books.)