March 31st, 2019

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Coming Attractions

Win a copy of Coming Attractions, with Indiana on 50 Authors From 50 States!

Spring has sprung!






 Well, I mean, as I write this it's snowing ... early spring in Indiana can sometimes be more of a state of mind. But the birds are back and singing, we've seen a bit of green springing (no pun intended) up along the roads, and there are dead skunks in the middle of the road. Personally, I could do without that last sign of spring.



Another spring tradition is that for two of the last three years I've been a featured Hoosier Author in Annette Snyder's blog, 50 Authors From 50 States. I'm in again this year, with a Coming Attractions related post that itself is about the generational tradition of drive-in movies.

I know what you're thinking: What's in it for me? Fine. One random commentator on Annette's blog will get a free copy of Coming Attractions--and best of all, that free copy will cost you nothing! I'll bet most free giveaways aren't that generous. Here's the link:


You'll hear from me again soon, as I give you all the details about my ... television interview! That's right, folks: I'm going to be on the boob tube (no boobs involved), on a program called Arts In Focus. I can only assume the cameraman kept me in focus. Stay tuned!