February 6th, 2019

book cover humor

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Let me run this scenario past you. Your significant other says, "You never use your imagination when you get me gifts!"

So Instead of flowers or chocolate, this year you give her flower-shaped chocolate.

Let me know how sleeping on the couch works out.

Or, you can get them a book about Valentine's Day! Now that I think about it, maybe you should have it delivered with flowers ... just in case.


A bunch of us got together a few years ago to write this humor anthology, and it could save your romantic life ... unless you got a copy last year, too. In that case--unless you have a different significant other--you might want to consider lingerie. Or, um ... chocolate flavored lingerie in a flower print.

Or you could gift them one of my romantic comedy novels. But a book that actually has a Valentine on the cover is pretty appropriate.