November 22nd, 2018

book cover humor

Coming Attractions on Kindle, and ice on me ... maybe

If you haven't already heard, the Kindle version of Coming Attractions is available for pre-order! You can get all the details here:

Or you could just wait a few days, because it should be live on Black Friday--and available to order without fighting a crowd. Or you could wait a little while longer, when we'll have the print version up and hopefully other e-book versions, too.

If I get, oh, a hundred sales across all platforms by the end of the month, I'll ... I dunno, something. I'm making this up as I go along. Maybe read one of my poems live? Or post my high school graduation photo?

Or would those be less of a reward, and more of a punishment?


Oh, and here's an idea: If I make a thousand total sales of all our books between now and January 1st, I'll do that ice bucket challenge thing everyone used to talk about. Why? Well, because I've never made a thousand sales in a month, and it would be neat.


book cover humor

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