August 11th, 2018

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Bum Knee, Writer's Paradise

I banged up my knee a little, probably last Friday when we did some hiking at the Portland Arch Nature Preserve, and then the Fall Creek Gorge Preserve, in West Central Indiana. Not a lot of bang; just a bit of pain and swelling, enough for my chiropractor to tell me I should stay off it for a little while.

My very first thought when she said that was: "Ooh! An excuse to stay on the couch and work on my writing!"

Like I should need an excuse.

I know what your first thought was: Don't worry, sure-footed Beowulf was fine.

She fell during a climb down, and I'm the one in pain. What's up with that?

Way more impressive than it looks here; I'll post more photos later.

Both the trails were listed as "rugged", and that was before we walked up the stream.