February 24th, 2018

Little Ozma firefighter

Albion Firefighter Honored For Fifty Years of Volunteerism

The text and some of the photos are from a news release I sent out to every northern Indiana media outlet I could find. Phil Jacob notoriously hates having attention brought on himself, so if I disappear after this it means he killed me.

At a time when many people retire from their jobs after twenty-five years, an Albion man has been volunteering his time in the same position for twice that long.
Phil Jacob was honored on February 19 for his fiftieth anniversary with the Albion Volunteer Fire Department. He was one of several long-time firefighters recognized by Governor Holcomb that day at the Indiana State Capitol, with his wife Cindy and several Albion firefighters in attendance.
That's Phil Jacob on the right, and some guy who works down at the State Capitol on the left.

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