January 6th, 2017

Radio Red

A Misplaced MIddle Name

I got a sneak peek at how my new novel will look when it's up for sale: Radio Red, by R. Mark Hunter.

The problem being that my pen name is Mark R. Hunter.

I checked with the publisher, and we all agreed that with this being my tenth book, it was a little late to change my name, so the correction should be made by Monday. I do remember, back when I was convinced I'd be on the bestseller list by age 21, toying with what my author name should be: M.R. Hunter and M. Richard Hunter were my favorites. They seemed like a good idea when I was a teenager. Instead I added my middle initial, mostly because I Googled my name and there were some 1,400,000 Mark Hunters online.

Now, with the R, I share my name only with the CEO of Molson Coors Brewing Company, a risk management expert from Salt Lake City, a building contractor in Alabama ... and another author, who at least doesn't write in any of my genres. Yet.