August 9th, 2016

Hoosier Hysterical

An Appeal to Your Funny Bone

Here we are with another appeal for everyone to pick up a copy or two of Hoosier Hysterical: How the West Became the Midwest Without Moving At All, and by “pick up” I mean buy, because shoplifting’s illegal. At ten bucks for a hard copy, it’s less than a price of a large Starbucks triple latte coco-café supreme with extra cinnamon and that foam stuff, with a muffin on the side.

(I have no idea if that’s true: I don’t drink coffee, and my doctor won’t let me eat muffins.)

We need to sell a few more copies to justify the year we spent researching and writing. I know what you’re thinking: “You spent a whole year researching a humor book?”

Okay, when you put it that way, it does seem a little silly. But if not for the research, I wouldn't have discovered some neat stuff:

How would I have found out that Indiana was the site of a Revolutionary War naval battle?

How else would I have had the chance to photograph Lincoln’s well, Roseanne’s house, or a coffin in a cave?

How would I have learned about Elvis Presley’s connection to the country’s first train robbery?

How else would I know that George Washington’s (alleged) illegitimate son moved Mount Vernon to Indiana?

Most important of all, how would I have discovered the nickname for Indiana residents may be related to missing body parts?

I know what you’re thinking: “Mark, are you trying to tease us into reading the book?”

Yes. Yes, I am.

So for the funniest historical humor book ever written by someone living in my house (I can’t confirm that—I have no idea what the dog wrote before we got him), it wouldn’t kill you to read a preview here:, or get it straight from me at

Probably it wouldn’t. Do you have any preexisting conditions?

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