May 7th, 2016

book cover humor

ALL-IN Author Blurbs

For anyone who's expressed interest in taking part in the author appearance on the Noble County Courthouse square June 25, please get me a short author's blurb if you haven't already. Just a couple of lines would be best; you can also send me a longer one if you wish, which I'll put up on social media later. For press releases they prefer shorter, considering we have over a dozen authors signed up!

The list, as I have it right now, includes:

Bentz, Lindsay
Bender, Carol
Crandall, Dawn
Emenhiser, Sheli
Hunter, Emily
Hunter, Mark
Robins, Rita
Smith, Greg
Thuillard, M. Susan
Wilson, Belinda

If you're interested and don't see yourself on this list, contact me immediately! As in right away, as in time's a wastin'. There are a few people who I've heard about but haven't heard from; it's also possibly, in the madhouse that was this spring, that I've missed someone.

I don't know how they're going to manage this many authors at the same time; I heard some talk awhile back about scheduling them in shifts, say half a day, rather than over the whole thing. If that turns into a thing I'll contact you about it right away. I suspect that we're going to be very limited on table space, so plan accordingly.

If you're a reader/fan/family member/interested passerby/major publisher, we hope to see you there!