December 31st, 2015

book cover humor

Leaving 2015 With a Sniffle

Well, the head cold that spread into my sinuses claimed another victim: Emily got the cold even worse than I did, although if she follows my history it shouldn’t last terribly long (unless it spreads into her sinuses).


As for me, yesterday the doctor put two more shots of antibiotics into my derriere or, as Hawkeye Pierce put it, the back of my front. If you include my allergy shots, that means I’ve had six shots in three places in three days … or four places, if you count each cheek separately. The difference is, antibiotic shots feel for a while like being kicked by an angry mule—twice.


Still, sinus infections aren’t unheard of after this surgery, and the doc tells me my sore throat is actually good news, in a way—my sinus passages are already draining better than they used to. I’ve decided to think of this bout of ick not as how the New Year starts, but as a way of saying good riddance to the old year. Naturally, I’m not so dumb as to say 2016 can only be better.


On the brighter side, we’re getting really good at treating illnesses! You might want to NOT say anything to Emily that includes the words “brighter side”.