September 14th, 2015

Images of America: Albion and Noble Coun

There Was a Trace of Stones

Many thanks to the Stone’s Trace Pioneer Festival for hosting Emily and me Saturday, right on the front porch of an historical building that’s in our latest book. Sales could have been better, but we got to wander around a little, and there was plenty to see—I’ll post a bunch of photos later on. They’re well organized, and the dedicated reenactors were fascinating.

Now on to Noble Art Gallery for one last Albion book signing this year on October 3rd, then a very busy day with the last two scheduled signings of the year on October 10th: the first at Joanna’s Dealicious Treats on Main Street in Kendallville, and the second at the Cupearer Café in downtown Auburn. More info to come, of course.