April 22nd, 2015

Stop Snowing

Yeah, I said the four letter word

Pardon the cell phone quality, but I was surprised this morning to find myself in the middle of a snow squall.

First it snowed, then it snowed so hard it started drifting across the pavement, then it sleeted ... then it snowed again. Here my daughter Charis models the new spring fashions.

Yesterday I mowed the lawn; today I'm saying "I told you so" to anyone who made fun of me because my snow shovels are still on the front porch.
I posted this on Instagram just after it happened. It's the Albion Fire Department parking lot, and if you look closely you realize the white across the lot is actually drifts of snow, being pushed by the wind.

I was worried the weather would be cool at Charis' yard sale this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Now I'm worried she's going to have to shovel a path to get there.

Slightly Off The Mark

New Book, New Reviews

You know what I like? Well, yeah, Mountain Dew. Okay, sleep, I like sleep. But in this case, I like when my new book gets reviews before it’s technically even published:
Okay, it’s technically published. Let’s now make it officially published. (I also like chocolate.)