October 19th, 2014

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  • Sun, 04:21: They've found a spider in the rainforest the size of a "small puppy". And I'm no longer complaining about living in a cold climate.
  • Sun, 06:57: Alan Rickman and Morgan Freeman; worth watching. Speak of the Devil: The Five Hoods: Is That An English Accent? http://t.co/3HxUnHiQ8d
  • Sun, 08:06: RT @XplodingUnicorn: 4-year-old: *sings* The really big spider went up the waterspout Me: It’s “itsy bitsy spider” 4: Not the one in our …
Anne - What do you think?

A poll: My future as a humorist

This might as well serve as the official announcement: With my newspaper job gone and thanks to my paranoia about deadlines, I have around thirty unpublished humor columns. After talking it over (and crunching the numbers), Emily and I are turning them into a book entitled, yep, "Slightly Off The Mark". But what of the future? I still need to make up for lost pay, and I do love writing humor. So although I have an idea of the way to go, I thought I'd ask your opinion, dear readers, because you've been such dear ... um ... readers.

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