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July 28th, 2014

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  • Mon, 07:46: RT @XplodingUnicorn: Problem: I eat pretty much every second I’m awake. Solution: Take more naps. Weight loss, here I come.


Celebrate camp by -- reading about camping

My wife’s Girl Scout camp, Missouri’s Camp Latonka, just finished another successful camping season. Help keep them in business by buying a copy of The No-Campfire Girls, a humorous adventure set in summer camp. As chapter two opens, the campers officially get the bad news from Captain Quinn of the local fire department, that all fires are banned because of a drought:

“Getting fire trucks here isn’t easy or fast. It would only take a spark to burn down this entire camp, which would end your fun summer real fast.”
           “This sucks,” said a purple haired girl at the next table, loudly enough for half the room to hear. “Fire is fun. Maybe we should set fire to the tents to protest.”
Leaning toward Beth, Cassidy whispered in her ear. “Who’s the girl with the attitude?”
“Ronnie. We call her Rotten Ronnie, but not to her face. Rumor has it her nose is bent that way because she street-fights for grocery money.”
“Maybe somebody needs to make friends with her, like you did with me.”
“I tried.” Beth looked over toward Ronnie, who stubbornly did her best not to have a good time. “She said if I ever came close to her again, she’d set my hair on fire. Is that irony, this year? I think it is.”

            Print or e-book copies of The No-Campfire Girls can be ordered through my website at www.markrhunter.com, with a portion of the proceeds going toward Camp Latonka operating costs. You can check out the first two chapters for free on my Amazon page:

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