May 6th, 2014

The No-Campfire Girls cover

Carnegie, Parents, and the Joy of Libraries

I usually post my column on Wednesdays, but I might have a blog tour post then for The No-Campfire Girls. Don't get confused!


            When my parents first married, they were too poor to go out much. So when the local comic book shops put the older inventory on sale they’d buy a stack, then sit around on weekends reading.

            That story says a lot about how I came to be the person I am. It also shows that, to my family, what you read isn’t as important as reading itself.

            On a very much related note, the Noble County Public Library, my literary alma mater, is celebrating its 100th year of feeding book-hungry kids like me.

            A lot of things happened one century ago, in 1914:

The first red/green traffic light was installed in Cleveland, and immediately vanished into a pothole.

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