January 16th, 2014

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  • Thu, 01:26: Not only do I still have sinusitis, now I also have bronchitis. One more itis and I'll have what's known in hockey as a "hat sick".
  • Thu, 05:19: We should both be better soon -- there's enough medication in the house to cure an elephant. http://t.co/RU4FCnzz75
  • Thu, 05:35: RT @XplodingUnicorn: If you’re lactose intolerant, eat more beef. It won’t help your condition. It’ll just teach those cows a lesson for tr…
  • Thu, 07:40: History, fire, and fire history: A Night at The Opera House http://t.co/RFT9lS1SFF
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A Night At The Opera House


            Years ago I shopped at a place called Excel Home Furnishings on the north  side of the Noble County Courthouse square. I liked wandering around the second floor, because they’d installed enclosed bridges that allowed the furniture to be displayed not only in the original building, but in two other neighboring ones.

            (I have no explanation for why I love exploring sprawling areas like that. It’s why I keep getting lost at the State Park … and the mall.)

            In one of those buildings most of the upstairs was open, and there was a big raised area, like a stage. For someone who lived in a utility apartment at the time, I thought it was really cool.

            It turned out to be even more cool when one of the employees showed me a normally closed off area, where we could see the outer walls and roof. There they were, plain as day: Charred wood and smoke stains. At one time in the distant past, he explained, the building had burned.
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