January 11th, 2014

book cover humor

New Year's Writin' Eve

     I wondered about the best way to start the New Year. I rarely drink, and had no desire to see Miley Cyrus' Epiglottis on New Years Rockin' Eve. What I do want in 2014 is to get published again.

     So three hours into the New Year, I sent my Radio Red manuscript to a publisher. That means all seven of my completed but unpublished manuscripts, four novels and three shorts stories, are out and about and seeing more of the world than I. What do I do next? Well, I have a few more stories that just need some polishing ...

     I know what you're thinking: "You lazy sod, why didn't you send it three minutes into the New Year"? Well, my paranoia had me pouring over the query letter and synopsis for hours before I uploaded the manuscript and hit the send button. Besides, I have a morbid fascination with seeing how incapable the folks in Times Square are of finding and using a trash can.