December 12th, 2013

Srsly? Rachel

Twerking Away Your Selfie Respect


           Would you like a selfie? How about a twerk?

           Your confusion could be understandable, especially if you’re not on the internet much. (Are there many people besides my grandmother who aren’t on the internet?) The good news is that if you don’t know these terms … you’re probably better off.

           So what are they? Do you order two more selfies for the road? Is a twerk a pair of high school nerds? Is either one something you’d better do with the curtains closed and the door locked? Can you have a selfie twerk?

           (Turns out you can.)

           Most important, why are we even having this conversation?

           The answer to that last is easy: The Oxford Dictionary has legitimized selfie by making it the 2013 word of the year, while twerk came in a close second.
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