November 15th, 2013

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Dark and Stormy Night

The Publishing Plan

            At the moment I have two short stories sent in to science fiction magazines, a third to a writing contest, and a revised novel to a publisher, and I’m waiting to start the editing process on a second novel that’s been accepted by Whiskey Creek Press (The Notorious Ian Grant). There’s also a self-published novella that should come out early next year, and a space opera series I’m working on that you’ll hear more about next year.

            That’s the most number of my babies I’ve ever had out in the cold, cruel publishing world at the same time … and I’ve got two more novels that just need a little polishing before they’re ready to go. It’ll be a juggling act, but my plan is to keep them all out there until they’re sold.

           Oh – and my friend Barry Parham donated a copy of Smoky Days and Sleepless Nights to his local library down in South Carolina! Another print copy has also been sold through CreateSpace to someone in England. My plan for 2014: Keep the momentum going.