October 9th, 2013

Smoky Days and Sleepless Nights

Disaster Preparedness: Turtles, Fizz Floods, and SnowFire Tornadoes‏


            I recently received an e-mail from a local utility company informing me that September is Emergency Preparedness Month.

            I got it on October 1st. I guess they just weren’t prepared.

            Still, it’s an appropriate follow up to Fire Prevention Week, and a reminder would be good for us any time of the year, not just when I’m working on deadline. I mean, the Feds shut down, so it’s not like they’re going to show up if somebody drops Mentos into the local Coke bottling plant and your town is overwhelmed by a fizz flood.

            Which I believe is an upcoming SyFy Channel original movie.

            The thing is, most of the things you should do to prepare for a disaster are good for any disaster, so it’s not like you have to specialize. Your emergency kit is going to have much of the same stuff whether you’re cut off by a blizzard, flood, tornado, or all at the same time, which in Indiana isn’t impossible. The other day vacuum cleaner salesmen rampaged through Albion, but I was prepared to hide out for days in my basement. If Churubusco was attacked by a herd of angry turtles …

            Wait, let me check something ....
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